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Christian Manuel Tonos Vega began singing and dancing when he was 12 years old with the Dance Company of the Trujillo Alto School of Arts. At age 16, he began studying music at the Caribbean Conservatory of Arts while finishing high school. After graduating, he began studying music at the University of Puerto Rico, where he finished his Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in music. During his studies, Christian represented his university in jazz ensembles, percussion ensemble, and criollo ensemble. To pay for his studies, he worked as a copyist in the UPR music department and worked as an admissions officer at the Caribbean Conservatory of Arts. During his last years of study he founded two bands: La Riopedrense, which would later become "Christian Tonos y 100x35", and Bomba Pa'l Pueblo. After observing that making a living from music was possible, he decided to quit his job to fulfill his dream as a musician and businessman. After graduating collegue, he founded his own entertainment company "Tonos Entertainment".

Tonos has performed and taught Puerto Rican popular and folk music locally and internationally. He has toured with the folklore group "Bomba Brava" and with the band "Ruben Amador y Yahuba" and has offered music and dance workshops at local universities such as: University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras, Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in Santurce, Universidad Central del Caribe and in international universities such as: University of Sciences and Arts of Chiapas in Mexico, Universidad Tecnológica del Sur in Azua in the Dominican Republic, University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor and Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has collaborated with various artists and bands such as Los Majaderos de Cachete Maldonado, Rubén Amador, Mahya Veray, Aidita Encarnación, Taller Tamboricua, Gíbaro de Puerto Rico, Yibáro and many more. He currently directs his groups Christian Tonos and 100x35 and Bomba Pal Pueblo and also works as a sound engineer under his own company. His most recent achievement was the production of the first edition of the Armonía en Clave festival in 2019 held at the Plaza de los Salseros in Santurce, Puerto Rico.


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